Changes in Thunderbird 78.7.0


  • The composeHtml property has been added to the MailIdentity type, to indicate, if the identity uses HTML as the default compose format.

  • The getDefaultIdentity(accountId) function has been added, to get the default identity of a given account. Use getDefault() to get the default account.


  • The begin* functions now honor body, plainTextBody and isPlaintext as compose format selectors, overriding the default compose format of the used/default identity. The accounts API can be used to get the used/default identity and its default compose format.

  • The beginNew function now has an optional messageId argument. If messageId is provided, the referenced message is opened to compose as a new message. This works for ordinary messages and templates.

  • Using beginForward function with a forwardInline type and details argument specified has been fixed.