Changes in Thunderbird 91

accounts API

addressbooks API

browserAction API

  • added support for the tabstoolbar location, usable in the default_area manifest key

cloudFile API

compose API

  • all attachment related functions and events now also require the compose permission

contacts API

folders API

identities API

  • added identities API (including create/delete/update functions and onCreated/onDeleted/onUpdated events)

  • added signature and signatureIsPlainText to MailIdentity

mailingLists API


  • the MailTab object now includes a viewType property, supporting the values ungrouped, groupedByThread and groupedBySortType

  • the update([tabId], updateProperties) function allows to set the new viewType property


tabs API

  • added type property to Tab, supporting addressBook, calendar, calendarEvent, calendarTask, chat, content, mail, messageCompose, messageDisplay, special and tasks

  • added type as supported property of the queryInfo parameter of query([queryInfo])

Bugzilla list of fixed WebExtension API defects in Thunderbird 91.